About Us

Astakos is a Father Son Duo with a love for remarkable fresh Australian produce. This brand is the rebirth of a family operated business which has more than 30 years experience.

We as a team take pride in offering a diverse range of seafood to suit any consumer. Having worked closely with fisheries and aquacultural suppliers for decades, we ensure that fresh, transparent, sustainable & top tier quality produce is sourced daily.  Our strong network in fisheries, allows ethically, wild caught seasonal catch to be obtained & sourced. Aquacultural farms are still ethical & are only used for popular items such as salmon, barramundi, snapper, prawns. 

The selection of seafood on offer shines a spotlight on Australian produce, and in turn, perfectly suiting the palete of all Australian households whether it be for your weekly meals or entertaining guests. 

Astakos hopes to cater for all consumers, as everyone deserves access to fresh Australian seafood. 

We encourage seasonal buying. Apart from being a sustainable practice, seasonal buying allows consumers to expand their palette, obtain produce at the best price alongside the highest quality. 

Many Australians lack their weekly seafood intake, even though it’s nutritional health is highlighted as important in today’s culture. 

Did you know that Australian Seafood Consumption per person has been declining since 2005? Seafood is being consumed less than beef, pork & poultry.

From humble beginnings Con had settled in Australia in the 70s after leaving war torn Cyprus. Working from a young age in the seafood industry, his work ethic and drive labelled him as one of Sydney's favourite filleters & fishmongers. 

Con eventually pursued a small family business at Paddy’s Market Flemington. His wife, Evi, and three sons, Michael, Nicholas & Raphael, served customers whilst Con operated back of house by himself. His small business grew reputable with many loyal customers, restaurants and café clientele. 

After years of working in the corporate world, Michael’s love for fresh seafood remained. Talks of seasonal catch over dinner and weekends spent at the family business were essential in his week. With this passion for fresh seafood, Michael made the decision to carry on his father’s seafood legacy. Michael & Con hope to share this passion, knowledge and service with all customers at our Astakos Stores.